M D Hyde - Artist

Artist Statement

I am a contemporary artist based in Wirksworth in the Peak District. I paint expressive abstract paintings using acrylic on canvas. Through my paintings, I reflect on my life as a person living with depression, those around me and my place in the world.

In my paintings, I try to represent feelings and emotions. I create paintings with different levels of abstraction. Some paintings may feature abstract figures and landscape whereas in other paintings all narrative is removed and completely abstracted into pure form based on my previous paintings. Like the cyclic nature of my depression, this is a recurring process and the level of abstraction often relates to where I am in the cycle.

The primary themes of my work deal with feelings of isolation, belonging, identity, self-worth, contentment, and love. I try to balance some of the sadness and melancholy found in my work with an optimism and hope for the future. My work also deals with the fragility of wellness and the recurring emotional journey to maintain this. My life is very much like a waveform, for every high, there is the impending low which can lead to anxiety even when life is good.

My intention is for my artwork to be multi-layered. I want the viewers understanding of my artwork to evolve over time. I hope the artwork will be enjoyed and that viewers will have some emotional reaction to the work, even if they don’t fully understand it. I believe once an artwork is completed, the meaning of the artwork then becomes the domain of the viewer. It’s important for the viewer to put their own interpretation on the work even if it differs from my original intention.

Through my paintings, I want to bring a better understanding and acceptance of the issues surrounding depression, and the difficulties for those who love them, based on my own experiences.

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